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Fairy Magic Shows Every Friday at 6:30pm!

Add some magic to your party, book a custom magic show for your next birthday party!

Unicorn Queen

Compassion and empathy within accepting herself and others just the way that they are. Her magic is through being her passion, no matter what others think or say. Her rold is to take care of all the unicorns, as they were all spread out and separated for years and they didn't know who and what they were. She gathered them and gave them a safe place to be accepted just the way they are.


Wizard Character

Believing in our own magic and honoring the magic in life, the wizard's powers are gratitude and positive self-talk and friendship magic. Magical postions expert!


Fairy Character

Childlike joy and wonder within imagination play where anything is possible. Her magic comes through the elements earth, wind, fire and water. Fairy also focuses on honoring each season and the magic that each season brings to the earth.


Owl Super Hero

Changing the world one act of kindess at a time, the magic comes through the owl in honoring elders, teachers, and ppers. Being a steard of the enviornment is the owl's role.


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